What is She Voices?

This blog gives voice to women writers from different worlds and walks of life.  We publish stories, poetry, musings, songs, views, emotions and more.  We aim to connect.

Why She Voices?

Every time a woman readies herself to speak her true feelings, there are a thousand women somewhere in the world who already know what she will say.

Whenever I meet the She Voices, I am always ready to share and to listen, and I am never disappointed. Each new view, each insight, teaches me something more about this darkened world we cling to, giving me perspective on my own corner of it.

I am delighted then to be able to share our stories, our experiences with you here: to show you the windows I have looked through; to lose yourself in the dreams of these women; to see yourself inside.

I encourage you then to share your own. Sharing a burden may not halve it, but articulating one or hearing one reflected back at you can make it all substantially less scary.

Happy reading!

Caroline McCarthy, Joint She Voices Administrator.

Where do She Voices meet?

The She Voices are a women writers group with diverse backgrounds and experiences.  We are currently open to new members.  We meet on the first and third Saturday of every month at RIchmond Lending Library at 10.30 a.m: www.richmond.gov.uk/richmond_library.

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