Sudden Death by Rhianon Ryan


Night time’s dark is with me

Cold creeps under the blue serge I wear,

As I approach another nameless door

Outside she stands, fear in her eyes

I reassure, splintering glass into the hall

Opening the door.

I rush to what I see,

hear the scream fly past my ears

A man older than her years

Lying prone upon the floor,

His eyes stare cold at me, all life signs ebbed away

His hands once warm have the cold strength of death

His spirit flown.

So as not to take his image home

To haunt my dreams

My hand closes gently his frozen vision,

No pennies to pay old ferryman,

I reach my hand to hers, hold her close

Grief convulses her,

She Ieans to hold the lifeless form

Of her lover, her husband, to say farewell.

The black hats are called

Sudden death hidden in a bodybag

I will see his eyes for several days

And only I will know

I will be expected to forget

But you remember every one …


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