Old Bully Grief by Caroline McCarthy

Old Bully Grief

My grief saw me skateboarding at the supermarket

She peered at me through thick lenses

She asked what the hell I was doing

Sliding past the pickles

Over cavernous cracks in the floor

My grief watched as I locked eyes with the god at the end of the bar

She hid in silence as my eyes followed the curve of his glorious buttocks

Then she fell on me in a storm

Barged her dank breath into my face

And sent me out into the street


A child lost in a hurricane

My grief waited as I hid under my fuscia feather duvet

Too warm on my face

Turning the bright grey daylight

Into an embryonic hue

A sack for keeping my weeping in

Floating along a toxic canal of emptiness and pain

Torn by a scream

A harsh reminder

That life must go on.

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